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Winning Images for Wedding Photographers Esenses Studio at PWPC


The Fall Wedding Photography contest judges ranked two winning photos from Esenses Studio!


As the “Louise” in “Esenses Studio”, I am so proud that Ermenegildo, aka Gildo, has entered two photos that have been ranked in the Wedding Details category, on his very first participation in the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC’s) Wedding Photography Contest!

Esenses Studio just recently became a member of Canadian Wedding Photographers at the PWPC, and Gildo chose to enter the two images below, taken at a fantastic black-and-white themed wedding last June. These won 11th and 12th place of the Details category.


Gildo took the black-and-white theme and really ran with it! As you can see, the bride’s shoes and dress were really rockin’. So, instead of the more traditional ring and dress shots, Gildo got inspired to set a mood with some creative lighting. And as always, his vision and passion show through in these great, awe-inspiring shots!

Knowing that the bride loved, loved, loved her shoes, he made sure they figured prominently in the detail shots! And the bride and her family couldn’t stop raving about the dress pictures – “Wow, is that really my dress!!?!”


Gildo, I must confess that, both as a photographer and as my husband, I simply love to watch you work relentlessly and give it your all – and having such a good time with the couples – to capture emotions, even in the details imagery! You truly embody the passion, emotion and style that are our M.O., and make me want to be a better photographer… and a better person altogether! As a couple, we support each other, but we also constantly challenge each other, and learn from each other with our different but complementary visions.


I’m so happy to share with you this passion for photography and weddings. I do not get tired of watching you work, whether you’re shooting or tweaking your pictures to convey emotion or tell a story. Cheers to you, and thank you!



And finally, it is reward enough to see the look on the couples’ faces when they get their album and relive the magic of their big day. But to see a bride so proud and thrilled that “her” pictures got an award, well, it doesn’t get much better than that!



Wedding Photographers Esenses Studio winning picture

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