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About Esenses Studio

We strive to make your wedding the greatest experience it can be, by sharing with you our passion and know-how about photography and weddings. It’s all about capturing precious moments that will become treasured heirlooms.

We take pride in what we put into your day and, as a couple ourselves, we truly enjoy building a trusting relationship with every bride and groom.

About Ermenegildo Conte, aka Gildo

“From an early age, I knew photography had something magical and valuable to offer me. Today, I am fortunate enough to still have the pictures I took before becoming a professional wedding photographer. Creating memories is what wedding photography is all about. It’s about remembering moments that enable me to look back at life and at relationships that shaped the man I have become, and re-experiencing times of sheer happiness that, thanks to images, make me feel like I am back in the moment.”

“I first became a fashion photographer because I wanted to capture a period in time, an era. But I discovered so much more through the lens as a wedding photographer, I got to know the individuals in front of the camera, their strengths, their vulnerabilities, their love stories. Still today, it is the value of relationships, friendships, and sharing I develop with our Brides and Grooms that spur my imagination and motivate my actions.”

About Louise

“Even before I knew anything much about photography, I was snapping pictures to try and tell a story and convey emotion, looking for new angles or unusual compositions. But it remained an activity I enjoyed while traveling or as a hobby. Then, it all came together when I met Gildo, a professional wedding photographer and my husband of almost 10 years. Our wedding was such a meaningful moment in our lives that we took this common interest further as a couple and as a team by becoming wedding photographers and wedding officiants. Today, we thoroughly enjoy sharing our passion and know-how with couples who are tying the knot.”

Louise is in tune with the needs of the couples, and her input is much appreciated by brides. Indeed, she brings a feminine touch and complementary strengths to the Gildo & Louise team, which results in a meaningful and rewarding experience for the bride and groom. She is fluent in English and French, and also speaks and officiates weddings in Italian.