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A Montreal wedding photographer has your wedding officiant?

Montreal wedding photographer as wedding officiant?

For some weddings, Louise and I also celebrate as officiants

In addition to being a Montreal wedding photographer Gildo Conte was the officiant for Tara & Vincent. Louise was assisted by our assistant Melino during the ceremony. It was very exciting to work all together to get the best pictures and provide a wonderful and meaningful ceremony by the river. Rituals like the sand ceremony played a very important part in this celebration for Tara and Vincent, but I also knew that it would bring great photo opportunities. It was an honor and a privilege to unite this couple. Then, as usual when the ceremony is over, I took back my camera and went for the post ceremony photo session with the family and bridal party. Louise and I brought Tara and Vincent to a beautiful place called Stewart Hall in the West Island area for more beautiful pictures before the reception at  the Olympia Reception hall.  We had so much fun that I was disappointed to have the day end! We made some amazing pictures that day and I couldn’t resist sharing them!

Wedding ceremony near the waterfront
Tara & Vincent
Date | 08.28.10
Ceremony | Riverside home, Ile Bizard, Québec | Wedding Officiant Gildo Conte
Reception | Salles De Réception Olympia
Montreal  Wedding Photographer | Ermenegildo Conte, Louise Guay & Melino Conte