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Plan B for your Montreal wedding photography photo session

Plan B for Montreal wedding photography session

 Old Montreal provides many options in case of bad weather

There will be times when the weather is just not going along with your Montreal wedding photography session planned. Planning ahead of time with your brides and grooms for those days is important. If we have the chance to be close enough to Old Montreal, we know we always have a Plan B. Here, we went inside the World Trade Center Montreal to get this creative wedding photography shot. The idea behind this simple wedding photo was to shoot with a off camera flash at an angle to get away  and from the shot . In this case having Carolina and Rio in the center of the frame makes for a visually stronger wedding picture.

Carolina & Rio

Date | 04.16.11
Ceremony | Hôtel Le St-James, Old Montreal, Québec | Wedding Officiant Gildo Conte
Reception | XO Le Restaurant, Hôtel Le St-James
Montreal Wedding Photography | Ermenegildo Conte & Melino Conte