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Winning Images for Wedding Photographers Esenses Studio at PWPC


The Fall Wedding Photography contest judges ranked two winning photos from Esenses Studio!


As the “Louise” in “Esenses Studio”, I am so proud that Ermenegildo, aka Gildo, has entered two photos that have been ranked in the Wedding Details category, on his very first participation in the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC’s) Wedding Photography Contest!

Esenses Studio just recently became a member of Canadian Wedding Photographers at the PWPC, and Gildo chose to enter the two images below, taken at a fantastic black-and-white themed wedding last June. These won 11th and 12th place of the Details category.


Gildo took the black-and-white theme and really ran with it! As you can see, the bride’s shoes and dress were really rockin’. So, instead of the more traditional ring and dress shots, Gildo got inspired to set a mood with some creative lighting. And as always, his vision and passion show through in these great, awe-inspiring shots!

Knowing that the bride loved, loved, loved her shoes, he made sure they figured prominently in the detail shots! And the bride and her family couldn’t stop raving about the dress pictures – “Wow, is that really my dress!!?!”


Gildo, I must confess that, both as a photographer and as my husband, I simply love to watch you work relentlessly and give it your all – and having such a good time with the couples – to capture emotions, even in the details imagery! You truly embody the passion, emotion and style that are our M.O., and make me want to be a better photographer… and a better person altogether! As a couple, we support each other, but we also constantly challenge each other, and learn from each other with our different but complementary visions.


I’m so happy to share with you this passion for photography and weddings. I do not get tired of watching you work, whether you’re shooting or tweaking your pictures to convey emotion or tell a story. Cheers to you, and thank you!



And finally, it is reward enough to see the look on the couples’ faces when they get their album and relive the magic of their big day. But to see a bride so proud and thrilled that “her” pictures got an award, well, it doesn’t get much better than that!



Wedding Photographers Esenses Studio winning picture

Among the winning Wedding Photographers in the Wedding detail category in PWPC photo contest


One more winning photo for Gildo in the Winter 2014 PWPC  Best Wedding Photos Contest!

I was once again so pleased and proud to see Gildo’s image come out a winner in the Winter edition of the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC’s) Best Wedding Photos Contest! Entering the contest for the second time only, he ranked in 12th place, this time in the “Reception” category. Congratulations, Gildo, you do us all proud here at Esenses Studio. And as your wife, I am especially proud of both the photographer and the man I call my husband.

This wedding – and indeed the image – was a reflection of the couple: Haitian-Italian. This cultural mix, not to mention the 200 guests, made for quite a party. The dance floor was often crowded with people, young and old, having a blast. And of course, as a Montreal wedding photographer, Gildo also has a blast, shooting candid pictures of people in action, looking their best, and children certainly fit the bill. I like to call it “stealth photography”! 

These pictures require a combination of work and luck, but mostly I would say Gildo has quite an eye for these types of shots. They require both skills and instinct. So if you are looking for a Montreal wedding photographer with all these qualities, Gildo is your man! Because he also employs his skills, instincts and passion in post-production, whether it is to create a vintage look, a modern feel, or a beautiful black-and-white image like this one.

We are so looking forward to the 2014 wedding season, so that we, as wedding photographers, can capture more images like these which, along with the more traditional shots, help you relive the mood and wonderful moments that often go by too quickly on your wedding day! And perhaps capture other Best Wedding Photos for Esenses Studio!



Reception Belinda

Beautiful sunny day for Jessica & Cyril’s wedding at their Montreal wedding photos session



Jessica & Cyril got married on a beautiful, sunny day. Having had their share of wet events, they deserved the right to this beautiful day at their Montreal wedding photos session. My first contact with Cyril was over the phone, and I could tell right away how much of a nice guy he was. Louise then spoke to his wife-to-be Jessica to answer some of her questions.


At our first meeting, we had a great connection with them. Louise would be the one to celebrate their wedding, while I would stay in my photographer’s shoes all day. Everything was cool & relaxed, until they had water damage in their apartment and had to move out for a while. And when their prenuptial photo session date arrived, rain was in the forecast.

However, when we suggested we could postpone it, they said “No, we love the rain!” It was merely overcast that morning at Centre de la nature, but Jessica, who had brought her raincoat and umbrella along, kept hoping for rain… her wish came true when it started pouring, just long enough to get a few “rain” shots! But I’m sure the warm and sunny weather was appreciated on their wedding day in June. And the warmth could also be felt from their welcoming families and guests!


They will also probably see their fair share of rain now that they have moved to British Columbia, Jessica’s home province. We wish them every happiness in this new chapter of their lives as a married couple!



Wedding at Auberge St-Gabriel



Bride picture at Auberge St-Gabriel

Bride getting ready at Auberge St-GabrielWedding Details by Wedding Photographer Esenses Studio
Suspended Wedding dressWedding photo session outside Auberge St-Gabriel
Suspended wedding dress at Auberge St-Gabriel



 Before you go out there with your bride and groom-to-be, you need to plan in advance

We always discuss with our couples about their preferences, their lifestyle and the props they might want to use.

Here, we went for engagement picture ideas that reflect their wedding theme. We suggested the Montreal World Trade Centre near the Intercontinental hotel because of its unique fountain that can look like a skating rink if properly lit, and we had a blast doing this picture with them. By the way, whenever you plan a shooting like this, it’s a good idea to ask for a permit.


Je marie mes parents par Ermenegildo Conte Photographe de mariage pour Esenses Studio






As wedding photographers, we enjoy taking wedding pictures with an Urban flair.

The Palais des Congrès is a great example of the kinds of sites we enjoy going to with our newlyweds after their ceremony to create artistic wedding pictures.

The natural light and the color of the glass in this picture is part of what makes it special. With our creative eye, we shoot at different angles to give it the urban edge that is so trendy  nowadays.
You need to be extra careful when you take pictures with reflective colors like this, because the colors can be reflected on the white wedding dress or on the skin, and it’s very difficult to remove them afterwards from your wedding pictures in Photoshop. When you have only one color cast, the tools make it easy to remove that color from the image, but in this case, there can be many different colors at the same time on your wedding pictures, which makes it hard to do the color balance. The angle of the sun (time of the day) plays an important part in the reflections of the light on the subjects. You can also play with the distance between the subjects and the  glass. Remember that it’s easier to correct before than after, so don’t be shy to try different angles. Check in advance for the sun’s position in the sky. If needed, do some other shots until you get the light where you want it. There’s an app for the Iphone to track the sun and there are many Sun seeker apps for the Android as well. Get one and next time, plan in advance for the location of your wedding pictures.

Urban style wedding photography for Marjolyne & Jean



Marjolyne & Jean
Date | 09.02.12
Cérémonie | Centre d’archives de Montréal, Montréal, Québec | Célébrant Gildo Conte
Réception | Restaurant Ammos, Laval, Québec
Photographes de Mariage à Montréal | Ermenegildo Conte, Louise Guay & Alexandre Poirier