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Wedding Pictures with an urban style look for Marjolyne and Jean

As wedding photographers, we enjoy taking wedding pictures with an Urban flair.

The Palais des Congrès is a great example of the kinds of sites we enjoy going to with our newlyweds after their ceremony to create artistic wedding pictures.

The natural light and the color of the glass in this picture is part of what makes it special. With our creative eye, we shoot at different angles to give it the urban edge that is so trendy  nowadays.
You need to be extra careful when you take pictures with reflective colors like this, because the colors can be reflected on the white wedding dress or on the skin, and it’s very difficult to remove them afterwards from your wedding pictures in Photoshop. When you have only one color cast, the tools make it easy to remove that color from the image, but in this case, there can be many different colors at the same time on your wedding pictures, which makes it hard to do the color balance. The angle of the sun (time of the day) plays an important part in the reflections of the light on the subjects. You can also play with the distance between the subjects and the  glass. Remember that it’s easier to correct before than after, so don’t be shy to try different angles. Check in advance for the sun’s position in the sky. If needed, do some other shots until you get the light where you want it. There’s an app for the Iphone to track the sun and there are many Sun seeker apps for the Android as well. Get one and next time, plan in advance for the location of your wedding pictures.

Urban style wedding photography for Marjolyne & Jean



Marjolyne & Jean
Date | 09.02.12
Cérémonie | Centre d’archives de Montréal, Montréal, Québec | Célébrant Gildo Conte
Réception | Restaurant Ammos, Laval, Québec
Photographes de Mariage à Montréal | Ermenegildo Conte, Louise Guay & Alexandre Poirier